Setup AngularJS Environment for Full Stack Development


In this post, we’ve outlined the step by step instructions to setup AngularJS for web development. Apart from the steps, we’ve also mentioned the tools that might help you speed up the development process.

After reading this tutorial, it will be easier for you to setup Angular in your system.

While configuring AngularJS, you should choose the latest stable version. It’ll help you avoid any surprises later during the development.

If you like to quickly brush up Angular concepts, then do go through the below post once.

Setup AngularJS Development Environment

Setup AngularJS Development Environment

Following tools are required to set up a development environment for AngularJS.

AngularJS Library

To download the AngularJS library, we have to first go to <>. Now, click on the download button, present on the Home page. It generates the following pop-up. Setup AngularJS Select the required version from the pop-up and click on the download button, present on it. You can select either of the legacy or stable (latest) versions as shown on the screen. It also provides the option to download any of minified, uncompressed or zipped version.


You can include, AngularJS library from CDN URL []. The CDN facilitates accessing the regional data centers, present all around in the world. One such example is Google host. It also shifts the responsibility of file hosting from local servers to a series of external ones. It gives an advantage that, if a visitor to the web page has already downloaded a copy of AngularJS, from the same CDN, then there is no need to download it again.


AngularJS is a combination of HTML and JavaScript code only. So, we can install any good editor/IDE as per our choice. Following are the most widely used editors.

  • Sublime Text
  • Aptana Studio 3
  • Ultra Edit
  • Eclipse
  • Visual Studio

Online Editor.

For learning purpose, you can use, any of the following online editors.


It is recommended to use Google Chrome while developing an application. However, you can install any browser of your choice, as AngularJS supports cross-browser compatibility.

Web server

Use any of the available web servers such as IIS, Apache for development purpose.

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