JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners – Full Course in 8 Hours [2020]


This course will help you learn web development in 2019 and the upcoming year of 2020. Mastering these technical skills is vital to your career as a software developer. Whether you want to get a full-time job or become a freelance developer. Or whether you want to become a full-stack or front-end developer… You HAVE to master Javascript.


  1. How to run your first Program with Javascript
  2. Manipulate the DOM
  3. Numbers in Javascript
  4. Functions in Javascript
  5. While vs. For Loops in Javascript
  6. Data Types in Javascript
  7. Strings (Common Methods)
  8. Javascript in Arrays
  9. Objects in Javascript
  10. If else conditionals and switch statements
  11. Learn JSON in 5 minutes
  12. Challenge: Your age in days
  13. Challenge: Cat Generator
  14. Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors
  15. Challenge: Rock Paper Scissors PT.
  16. Challenge: Change Button Colors
  17. How Blackjack Works
  18. Blackjack HTML
  19. CSS Blackjack
  20. Challenge: Build a Blackjack Game with Javascript
  21. Blackjack PT.



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