How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go

How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go :- Hello folks, how you guys are doing in Pokemon Go, hope you are enjoying catching Pokemons in the Pokemon Go which has now released on Android as well but since then it has been availed on Play Store many users started facing an error GPS Signal Not Found which is an irritating error creating trouble playing game. Not only Android users, some IOS users also faced the same issue, so today here in this video I’ll be sharing the easy tips to remove this error.

Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go- Android

Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go- Android

Many of users are facing an error saying “GPS Singal Not Found” while playing Pokemon and this issue is not only appearing in Android devices but on IOS device as well. Well in Android the issues comes because some Android phones don’t come with GPS technology setting turned on so the users has to activate it by going to the settings option available in the Android device and then click on enable GPS tracking. In the latest version of Android i.e 5.0, you will get the GPS tracking option in Settings their you need to go to Privacy section and tap on the location.

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Not only this many of Android user are also facing an issue, the battery of their device is draining too fast. Well if you are also facing this issue then make sure while playing Pokemon Go you have turned on the ‘Power Saving Mode’ and close all the other applications running in the background. Change the Live Wallpapers to a still one if you are using live wallpaper for your home screen. Sadly there is no proper technique to resolve the issue or which can help you to use minimum battery while playing Pokemon Go so if you are a Pokemon Go freak then I advice you to carry a  Power bank with you when you go outside playing Pokemon Go.

Location Service GPS not Found Error

Fix No Pokemon Showing on the Map

In few countries people are facing a big issue of ‘No Pokemon Showing on the Map’ this is the major issue for them as they won’t able to enjoy game at it’s best. Well no one has any idea why this error is appearing but I can guess this is because Niantic hasn’t completely turned everything on for those countries, so better try your hands in game’s APK if your good in coding and do tell us if you able to remove this issue from your device.

Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go in IOS Devices

Those are facing this issue in their IOS device, they also need to make the same changes to run this game hassle free. Just go to the ‘Settings’ then tap on ‘Privacy’ their you will get a option ‘Location Services’ just turn it on and you are done. Now close the game if you have already opened it in your IOS device and start it again after making the changes, now the issue won’t appear and you will available to play this game without the error GPS Signal Not Found.

Fix Trainer Progress Resets to Level 1

Some of the users whether they have been Pokemon GO in IOS or in android, they sign in to Pokemon go using the account account other than the account they had signed up in the Pokemon hence they face this issue of ‘Trainer Progress Resets to Level 1’. So to remove this error Sign to the Pokemon with the account you have signed in when you first installed this game in your device.

Hope you would have enjoyed reading this article where I have shared the How to Fix GPS Signal Not Found Error in Pokemon Go the most irritating error coming in the game. I believe once you made the necessary changes I shared above then you won’t face this issue while playing Pokemon in your Android device.

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