Windows 10 Fix for Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid

Hello folks, I’m back after a huge gap first of all I apologize for not updating this blog as I was busy in accomplishing a much need project. Well today I will share an amazing trick, How to Fix Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10. Many of you have been facing this issue and asking me for it solution, so after researching the core the issue here I am going to share it fix. This is the error appearing in Windows 10 only and doesn’t let the app to run in your computer. What does Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid means well, it means User is not able to Login in the Bluestack hence it stopped working properly.

How to Fix for Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10

How to Fix for Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10

One thing keep in mind that you must be using at least minimum requirement Computer to use Bluestacks. To use Bluestacks software hassle free in your computer, your computer must be at least consist 2 GB of Ram, 512 MG of Graphic Card (I personally Believe 512 MB is not enough, you must use atleast 1GB of graphic card to use all android apps working without any interruption) and your processor must be latest Intel Core 2 or above. If your system is setup with the these minimum requirement then you easily resolve ‘Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid’ issue from Windows 10. Just follow the simple steps given below :-

Step 1 :- First of all install the latest version of bluestacks from its official website i.e.

Step 2 :- Go to ‘Start Menu’ then select all the apps and search for Bluestacks App Player there you will get a file Bluestacks setup.exe, right click on it and select open file loction.

Step 3 :- Now go to the properties, by right on the file and select properties. Now navigate to the Compatibility Tab there click check on the “run this program in compatibility mode” and select the operating System Windows 8 or you can also select windows 7 as well.

Step 4 :- Now Click on Apply and then Ok. That’s it friends, we have done and your issue has been resolved, now go to Bluestacks app and start using it without any error.

I strongly believe your issue would get resolved if you follow the steps I mentioned above in this post, feel free to share your issue by commenting below if you are still facing this issue. See you soon in my next article, This was Hunny Garg, writing How to Fix for Bluestacks Error Parameter is Not Valid in Windows 10, catch you friends in my next post.