How To Add Whatsapp Sharing Button in Website Blogger/WordPress quickly 100% trick

Are looking to add whatsapp sharing button in website in wordpress and blogger to increase your social traffic ??? Then you are at right place and you will get answer from our portal quickly and easily. Sharing button on any website is the main cause of the traffic and popularity. It increases the popularity by the means of the sharing button , people will share your blog or website if they find somewhat worthy information and share on the social media like facebook , twitter, stumble, pinterest, reddit etc where around 90% of the users are active. Now a days, there are lots blogs and websites are running on bloggers and wordpress platform , so we are sharing somewhat worthy tips for them. You can add whatsapp sharing button in website blogger/wordpress in just single steps. So get ready for this awesome guide.

We have lots of searches for that, some of the sites provided the solution for that like shoutmeloud and other big blog. But we are providing it in different way. By following this way, you can add whatsapp sharing button in blogger/wordpress websites quickly in just single step. We are providing an ahreafs code or html code, you just have to post this html code to add whatsapp sharing button on wordpress/bloggers websites for free. Just follow this guide and make it done quickly.

Advantages to Add Whatsapp Sharing Button in Blogger/Wordpress websites:

  • It increases your social traffic.
  • Sharing became so easy , because whatsapp has around 80 billion users via only android o.s. through out the world.
  • Popularity will increase.

How To Add Whatsapp Sharing Button in Website Blogger/Wordpress quickly 100% trick

How Add Whatsapp Sharing Button in Website Blogger/Wordpress quickly : Step by step guide

As we know that, wordpress and bloggers accepts html codes , and we can add html codes to do some specific task as it does not load our websites. Plugin can also do this job, but it increases the load time of our blog and which is not a good sign.

You can do add whatsapp sharing button in websites by two methods.

  • First method is add html code to your website (wordpress/blogger) where you want to use whatsapp sharing button.

<a href=”whatsapp://send” data-text=”Take a look at this awesome website:” data-href=”” class=”wa_btn wa_btn_s” style=”display:none”>Share</a>

This is an updated code which is working fine for everyone. Make sure your theme is editable, only then you can add any html code to your websites.

  • Second method is to use . You can add your widget via this.
  • Get code and place where you want to see whatsapp sharing button in website.

Lots of professional bloggers also uses mobile side-bar plugin for this purpose. Its also good to see and easy to use. You can use any of the above method to fix this task.

We have provided you the best and easiest method to add whatsapp sharing button in wordpress/bloggers websites quickly. Hope you really like this trick and must use this trick to your blog to increase popularity of your blog. If any error or issue producing hindrance in your path then please comment below and dont hesitate while giving your feedback. We will try to fix your error as soon as possible. Stay tuned to us for more funny stuffs and tech trick.

How to Recover Deleted Post Without Backup on WordPress & Blogger

Are you looking for how to recover deleted post without backup on wordpress or blogger, then you are at right place. These are the common problem which a blogger must have to face in his/her blogging carrier. WordPress and blogger are the best blogging platform we have ever heard and used. Now a days , blogging became one of the best field of interest and one of the best source of income, knowledge, skills and lot more while studying irrespective of the age. Blogging is the unlimited source of income and we know that every successful path have tons of problem in its path. So here we have mentioned that problem which is faced by every blogger once in his/her blogging career for sure i.e recover deleted post without backup on WordPress & blogger. While manage your hosting, some processes are unwillingly happen and vanishes are our post. You will get to know these things if you belong to coding world. Get ready for this trick.

Recently, i faced this issue and after a lot of research got the answer and very comfortable solution which you can also implemented to get recover deleted post without backup on wordpress and blogger. First of all , we advised to you take backup of blog on weekly basis because i know the fear and tension of loosing ton of post and it seems like i was finished and i had to start from zero again. But i recovered from this tragedy.Here we are providing the full guide to how to recover deleted post without backup of wordpress & blogger. Read the full guide and opt the best suited solution.

Things Required to Recover Deleted Post Without Backup on WordPress & Blogger :

I wish this moment dont come in the blogger life ever because this is the most annoying and irritating moment when you lost your all data and it seems your all hardwork gone just a like a waste product. At that time instead of getting irritated we should play mind game. First of all, you should check is there any file of backup still present in cpanel. If yes, then download it.

If you lost all the files , then its time to contact your service provider for further support, because they take daily backup of whole of their data of all the servers. What if they say no???

After that, what we have done because every door was also closed to me. I lost around my 50 post of and 50 on the other post too. It is quite lengthy process but you will get your all deleted post without backup on wordpress & blogger easily. If you have thousands of posts or big data, then you will have to spend lots of days to recover.

Note : One thing you need to take care about your blog to recover all the deleted post without backup, that your blog must be indexed in Google(included of all the post which you want to recover).

Recover Deleted Article, data & Post without backup on wordpress & Blogger : Step by step guide

We are providing the different steps which surely helps you to recover you website or blog . you just need to follow all the mentioned steps carefully.

first method to recover deleted blog’s Post:

1. :

first recommended way is to visit , as its name suggests, it carries all the data of all the blogs, websites, forums and all. It stores around 500 billion pages. Enter your url in the search box and then hit on enter. It shows the list of your pages here. what to do now, if your pages are not there???? But chances are just negligible.

2. Copy and paste your article or pages:

After finding your posts, pages here. Just start copy and paste you article from that blog your wordpress or blogger. But One thing you need to take care while copying page of your images and most important thing is permalink. You can change the dates if you want to.

Dont change the permanlink, if you do so, your ranking will be gone because Google consider your post as new a post and there might be some duplicate content issue. Make changes to permalink as before and stay with your old ranking.(organic traffic/visitors will remain same).

This method takes lot of time, but there is no other option if you dont have backup but you will recover your deleted post /article.

Second method to recover deleted blog’s Post:

This is quite easy method and it takes less time which i have followed to recover by my blog. follow the mentioned steps and make it done.

  •  Sign out from Google chrome or open incognito window:
  • First of all, go to google >>> click on three horizontal lines on the top right of google chrome >>> go to incognito window.

How to Recover Deleted Post Without Backup on WordPress & Blogger

  • Now enter the domain name in search bar.
  • You will see the results.
  • click on the downward arrow at the end of domain name.

How to Recover Deleted Post Without Backup on WordPress & Blogger

  • Before that, click on anytime history, this will provide you the history of all time. This is one of the best feature that i have ever used while creating backlinks for event blog. 🙂

How to Recover Deleted Post Without Backup on WordPress & Blogger

  • Once you found the pages list, copy content, images, url and permalink carefully and save it wherever you want.
  • This may time quite more time as it is lengthy process by quite reliable.

Note : For those who dont know that, lots of pages expires from Google cache and after some time. So please carry on with your new content and forget these posts.

Ways to create backup of WordPress normally:

  1. Login to your wordpress.
  2. click on export.
  3. Then download the data from there once in a week.
  4. you can also create backup from cpanel.
  5. Login to your cpanel >>>>scroll it down>>> .phpMyadmin>>>Export Sql>> click on Go >> Let the downloading process be completed.

These are some of the simple ways by which you can recover deleted post without backup on wordpress & blogger. We will come up some more fantastic tips in future to backup plugin for worpdress too. If there will be any problem while fixing this issue. Then please let us know by commenting. We will revert back to you with the best possible solution.

How To Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking Full Guide

How To Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking Full Guide : Now a days, every blogger wants to learn about event blogging and to be very frank every want to learn about link building technique for events. These days trend of event blogging is ruling at its top. You can hardly see any event which does not have niche blogs. You can see this by searching on google by adding sms , quotes, wishes etc followed by the event name (example : santpatrick day sms 2015 in English). To be very frank, event based niche blogging is the best source of quick huge income but i will not recommend you to depend on this type of blogging niche if you want to stay in the blogging career for long term or if you doing it as a part time money making source then event blogging is ok for you. Now the question is that, how we can huge traffic on event blogs without backlinking quickly. This is the most and frequently asked question that lots of people are still asking me on facebook , google + and via other chatting source. So i decided to write a full length guide regarding how to drive traffic on event blogs without backlinking. This is my personal experience and i got 95% success via following this trick.

There are lots of blogger (pro blogger hehehe) are showing their real time visitors and adsense income screenshot on facebook to get the attention , but this is too wrong. Indirectly they are telling other struggling blogger to do spamming instead of playing fair game. Backlinking the key to get success quickly but not the only way to rank your blog every time.So don’t worry , if you dont know how to build backlinks , you can still drive huge traffic on event blogs without backlinking for sure after reading this article. There is something called on page seo works for me 7th time consecutively (on holi 2014, IPL 7, independence day 2014,  champion’s trophy ,diwali 2015, republic day 2015, pongal 2015, holi 2015). This is not the luck , google algo changes continuously, but still i dont loose my position in any event. So lets start with some typical and must knowing fact.


How To Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking Full Guide

Best  Way to Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking : On Page SEO

Now a days, we can see these kind of case studies or tricks on many blogs, but to be very frank, those tricks hardly works. You must have to take care some points in mind while creating event blog.

1.Is domain age matters :

This is the biggest question that i have ever faced in last one year, my answer is big NO. domain age doesn’t matters. i register my holi domain before 28 days back and started working after 3 days and still made 1000$$ easily. So dont bother about domain age.

2.How to Select a good EDM :

EMD is exact match domain name. It plays a main role in event blogging unless and until you not a pro blogger or quite experienced blogger. If you are newbie, then go for a good emd. Now the question is that, how to select a good emd. You must use google adwords tool for keyword research. For example, you are going to start event blog on diwali 2015, then login to google adwords,then go for tool then keyword planner then search for new keywords and group ideas.My diwali domain was 


As you can see in the image, diwali images is having highest number of searches among the three keywords. Then you can select the low competition keywords, is the best domain having low competition. In this manner you can select a good emd.

3. Hit for the right keywords :

You must have to come up with good keywords with low competition to rank on Google first page with fix article frequency daily. I use to prepare the list of keywords on the first of event and then write article on those keywords daily with constant frequency to make the authority of my blog’s post. Do the same.

4. How to write a post for event blog:

There are lots of people don’t know the trend of event blogging , this point clears that doubt too from their mind. There is nothing special in writing the post for event blog. Try to focus 2-3 keywords in the main heading. Then copy the same heading in the starting of the post body, then starts with writing something relevant information regarding that event. Then do some keyword stuffing which must revolve around your main keywords in H1 heading. End your first paragraph with in 150 words with keyword density more than 3%. Then use H2 heading which must be different from H1 heading. Then complete your post theme like sms ,wishes, quotes, images from where you can get those points. Then stuffs some keywords in the last paragraph of the post. And dont internal linking of the post.

5. Keywords position is the key :

How To Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking Full Guide
How To Drive Huge Traffic On Event Blogs Without Backlinking Full Guide

I must say , keywords position is the key to get rank in the google search engine. There are lots people stuffed keywords and post huge number of article and still dont get the rank. The main reason behind this is the write keyword position.This is the way i use to stuff keywords.

6. Don’t depend only on google adwords:

Being a blogger you must be aware of what is actually going in the internet world and what type of event you are doing. If it is an indian event, then you can write any keyword and get ranked easily and if event is US based or other reputed country based. Then you must be specific with your keywords like if you doing halloween day event blog, then use halloween day prank, Halloween day scary prank video, latest funniest prank video of halloween day like this.

7 Make your post to be indexed faster:

For event blog, as you have less time and competition is quite high, then your blog post must be indexed quickly to drive more traffic with good serp. you can use some pinging services like , fetch as google , and most trusted google webmaster submit url service. This is the best service , that i have used ever.

8. Do social sharing :

You can do social sharing your blog post to drive some extra visitors from social networking like reddit, facebook , linkidin, stumble upon, pinterest, digg digg, tumblr , learnist , google plus etc. These sites drives more traffic and provide backlinks for sharing your post here.

These are some point that, i have used in my last 4 successful event and it shows that you can also drive huge traffic on event blogs without backlinking or you can get high traffic on event based niche blogs without backlinking. Hope your doubt got cleared after reading this article for sure. If there is any question click in your mind then please dont hesitate to comment below. We will surely revert back to you soon.