How to Install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak & Download Paid IOS Apps

Hello Apple lovers, you would know about which ‘Apple’ i’m talking about. LOL. Well in my last post How to send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough in Whatsapp for IOS and today I will be sharing how you can install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak your IOS device and download paid IOS apps for free. It is only best trick for non Jailbroken IOS devices to download paid IOS 9.3.2 for free. So here we go…

How to install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak & Download Paid IOS Apps for free

How to install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak & Download Paid IOS Apps

First of all let me tell you about Vshare app,


  • You can download paid iOS Apps for free.
  • Share downloaded apps to anyone using Wi-fi
  • Personalize User Interface accordingly.
  • Customize features to search new apps
  • Install paid iOS apps for securely without any cost.


Step 1:- Go to Safari browser, then there go to

Step 2:- Click on Download button on the left side. This is only for Non Jailbroken devices and the right one is for jailbroken devices, you just click on the left one though.

Step 3 :- Now you will get “ would like to install vShare” and your device would be asking whether you want to install or cancel then click on “Install“.

Step 4 :- Now wait untill the installation gets completed, now go to vShare app on your iOS device you might see a message as notification as “Untrusted Enterprise Developer – “”iPhone Distribution (…)” has not been trusted on this iPhone. Until this developer has been trustedm their enterprise app will not be avaiable for use.”  just click on “Cancel“.

How to install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak & Download Paid IOS Apps without Jailbreak

Step 5 :- Then click the home button > Settings > General > Profile > then search for the profile name mentioned on on the Step 4 . In our case it was: “Fujian Zheng..” but in your case profile would be different as it different for every user. Press “Trust” twice.

Install VShare from Cydia without Jailbreak & Download Paid IOS 9.3.2

Step 6:- Double click on the home button to open task manager and remove Vshare. Now go back to homepage and open vShare again. Now VShare will open without getting crash.

P.S:- Sometimes the app gives an error then wait for sometime and click on ‘Retry’ there is always a very huge traffic on this app so the server takes time to perform tasks.

That’s all for today, i believe this post i would helped you to download and Install Vshare app for Non Jailbroken iOS device but still, if you are facing any issues please let me know by commenting on form given below. Will see you guys in my next post about iOS tricks and Bluestacks fixes. Adios…

How to fix Clash of Clans Black Building-Patches & Objects in Bluestacks

Hello gamers, it’s been so long since i posted on this blog about gaming so today i’m here to share a solution of error comes in Clash of clans while playing it on Bluestacks. Many of the user play Clash of Clan in Bluestacks and most of them are generally facing an issue these days of Black patches,  Black building or Black objects about which we will discuss below and give it’s possible solution. Below i have shared the fixes which are mentioned according to their priority to fix the problem in your device.

Why Black Building / Black Patches & Objects come in Clash of Clans

First of all, Most of the time this error comes when you are using outdated hardware technology which doesn’t meet minimum requirement needed for Bluestacks. Generally Insufficient RAM, old version of processor and scarcity of Graphic Card causes this issue.

And if you are using powerful system which meets all the requirements mentioned by Bluestacks and Clash of clans and still your are facing this issue then you might be using outdated version of Bluestacks or Graphic drivers which are causing this errors in your device.

How to fix Clash of Clans Black Building-Patches & Objects in Bluestacks

  • First of all Check whether you are using the latest version of Bluestack or not, below i have given a link from where you can update the lastest version of Bluestacks. Bluestacks has become most friendly platform for android app and game users so to gain more users and to ascertain it’s stability in Android market it keeps on rolling out its update every single month by resolving few bugs and making user experience better than before. So it’s necessary for you to update it if you are facing this issue.
    You can update you Bluestacks from here >> Bluestacks App Player


  • The most effective fix is this, Open RUN Command (simply press Window+R) and type ‘regedit’ then hit enter it will open Windows Registry Editor.
  • Now there in Windows Registry Editor you will see many entries just navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Bluestacks > Guests > Android.
  • Now you will be seeing many of the registry mentioned there just double click on Memory registry key then a new window will open as Window DWORD (32-bit) value -> Select the Base as Decimal and change the value data to 500 and then hit the OK button. Now Restart your computer, Woah the problem has solved, thanks us later.


  • I don’t believe after using the above fixes your problem wouldn’t be fixed but still the problem comes than check your System hardware specification. Go to your computer properties to ascertain your system hardware specs and then check what are minimum requirement asked by the Bluestacks and Clash of Clans for smoothly & hassle free playing the game in device.


  • This is the last fix, make sure you have implemented the above fixes perfectly because nothing can fix your this problem other than this 4 best possible fixes i mentioned here. So the last one is, check whether you are using latest Graphic drivers or not. It has now become very crucial for your computer to use latest Graphic drivers to play Clash of Clans without any error so make sure you are using up to dated graphic card or not, you might be using nVidia, AMD or Intel graphics chipset any of the three so below i’m providing the latest version of these graphic drivers from where you can update it.

    Update nVidia Graphics Driver

    Update AMD Graphics Driver

    Update Intel Graphics Driver

Well i have shared the best possible fixes i know to solve Clash of Clans Black patches,  Black building or Black objects in Bluestacks but still if your problem comes then do let me know by commenting below. I’ll look after of your concern and try my best efforts to solve this. Will see you guys with my another post on Bluestacks fix, adios!!

How to send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough in Whatsapp for IOS & Android

Hello friends, here i’m back again with another article on latest Whatsapp update. No doubt, in the competitive era of social messaging apps Whatsapp are making some impressive updates in it’s features to gain more users and also to stick the old users to the app. Recently Whatsapp provided the option to send files likes pdf, doc, excel and Xls now it comes with a really cool feature by which you can send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough texts. Here in this post we are sharing this cool trick by which you can do it so…

How to send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough in Whatsapp for IOS & Android

WhatsApp has recently crossed one billion active users and become the most popular messaging app across the globe. After this it has rolled out a new update which fixes few minor bugs and provided it’s user to embolden, italicise or strikethrough the text.

Bold: Add an asterisk (*) before and after the phrase or word you want to embolden e.g. * Hey swty, whats up*

Italics: Add an underscore (_) before and after your selected word or phrases e.g. _i love you, my love_

Strikethrough: Add a tilde (~) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to strike a line through e.g. ~OOPS~

How you can send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough in Whatsapp

This feature will work on every device but will not show the embolden, italicise or strikethrough text in

This trick will only work in the latest version of WhatsApp running on your android or IOS device, the selected phrase, sentence or word will embolden, italicise or strikethrough after it has been sent.

This trick works in but changes don't appear on the screen

This trick works in but changes don’t appear on the screen

I found this trick really awesome and believe it’s something which user would love to use as it is so much easy to use, best thing about this is that you don’t need to give any special command or press any specific button. I hope you would have enjoyed reading my this post, stay with us for more posts on Whatsapp fixes and Bluestacks fixes. My next post will be on Bluestacks fix, hope you would like it. That’s all for today, thanks for reading this article where i shared How you can send BOLD, Italic & Strikethrough in Whatsapp.

How To Fix Clash Of Clans Bluestack Black Screen Problem(Flickering/stuck screen)

How To Fix Clash Of Clans Bluestack Black Screen Problem(Flickering/stuck screen) : 

Hello folks i updated this post to make this fix more effective. If you are getting or keep on noticing Bluestacks Black Screen Error, what so ever letter you type in your WhatsApp; it is not typing instantly right? Then you are at right place. Nowadays, in the gaming world Clash of Clans Black Screen Error is the main problem most gamers are facing, contrary to their usual complaints regarding issues with Bluestacks app like – whenever they play any game or sending text via WhatsApp or say playing Clash of Cans Game; we have received numerous feedback from the clash of cans fans that their games are getting stuck by showing Bluestacks Black Screen Error. Today, we here at our tech blog would like to discuss about different ways to fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Problem in Bluestacks. So, without wasting much time let’s get started.

Ways To Fix Clash Of Clans Black Screen Problem In Bluestacks

We believe once you are done reading the whole guide about resolving Clash of Clans of Black Screen in Bluestacks, your issues with bluestacks will surely fix. We have been seeing many internet pages writing solution on How to Fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Black Screen Problem but, none of the site is showing exact way to get rid of Bluestacks black screen problem.  So, here we have collected and written the best possible way to fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Black Screen Error. Make sure you understand the whole process and then start doing.

Clash Of Clans Black Problem In Bluestacks Fixed

Although, all our helpful tips regarding Clash of Clans Black Screen Problem has assisted a lot of visitors, so to fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Screen Problem just follow the below mentioned steps.


How To Resolve Clash Of Clans Black Screen In Bluestacks

Out of many tricks to fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Black Screen Error – Here, we will be sharing you the best three ways to Resolve Clash of Clans Black Screen in Bluestacks – Fix & Enjoy.

The below mentioned methods are tested and is successfully done.

Reboot and Re-Installing Bluestacks to fix COC black screen problem in bluestacks: 

  • This is the most general thing, you can do very well in simple steps – We will be guiding like how to fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Black Screen Error for both Android & Mac users.
  • Initially, you require to Reboot Bluestacks in your PC.

For Windows User:

  • Just Navigate to Task Bar and Find Blue Stacks Icon in Windows.
  • After that, right click on the bluestacks icon and tap on Restart.

For Mac Users:

  • Similarly, you need to find Bluestacks icon on the top menu bar in Mac.
  • After that, just click on it and tap Restart.
  • You have to wait for some time to complete the whole process.
  • Once, done then we are sure that your black screen problem is solved.

Am Still Facing Clash of clans black screen problem in bluestacks in windows : 

If you are one such victim the follow the below steps

Firstly, you need to un-install by double clicking on the bluestacks icon, and here you will be getting some options like Bluestacks àAll Apps; just un-install this and again you need to download updated Bluestacks from the official site or can be downloaded from Google Play Store.

Once, you are done!! Simple clear all the cache by tapping on SettingsàClash of Clans

Updating Your Graphic Card to fix COC black screen issue in MAC

Here’s another scenario it may be another reason for sudden appearance of Bluestacks Black Screen Error is due to outdated graphic card. Because, as Bluestacks application is huge, it needs very configuration hardware to hold it right? So, if you encounter make sure you download the driver from the below mentioned links.

  • Update AMD graphics card Driver Latest
  • Update NVIDIA Graphic card driver latest
  • Update Intel chipset graphics card driver latest

Still, having problem with COC Bluestacks Black Screen Error in windows :  

We highly recommend you to re-install your bluestacks application, be sure the downloadable app is updated.

Final Words

This is all about Ways to Fix Clash of Clans Black Screen Problem in Bluestacks, How to Fix Clash of Clans Bluestacks Black Screen Problem, Clash Of Clans Black Problem In Bluestacks Fixed, How To Resolve Clash Of Clans Black Screen In Bluestacks – If you have any more queries then do let us know through comment.