How To Boost Increase MTS Blaze Ultra Wifi Speed Dongal/Datacard (Prepaid/ Postpaid)

How To Increase MTS Ultra Wifi Speed Dongal (Prepaid/ Postpaid) Speed up MTS Datacard: MTS blaze is one of the best dongal or device launched by MTS in early 2013 to provide best internet speed and to be very frank no other device is so much reliable under certain conditions. In this era, where internet has became a lifeline for every one and tons of people are still struggling to get good internet speed due to connectivity issue or network issue and hence MTS came in the market with an outstanding device i.e. MTS blaze. It has 3GPLUS network technology and provide quite amazing internet speed and its an portable and flexible device. The main feature of MTS ultra speed wifi is its a portable device , you can put that any where else or connect in laptop to access internet. You just have to charge this device like a phone and use good internet speed. But as we know that , signal strength is one of the biggest issue in India and hence users may suffer even after paying some extra bucks for high speed. So we are providing some tips to increase MTS ultra wifi speed prepaid/postpaid or speed up MTS dongal ultra.recover data from shortcut virus in windows. MTS data cards are one of the most selling data cards due to its speed and economical plans.

Some times, when you use MTS datacard in roaming area, you face so many issues regarding speed and connectivity. But this article will surely solve this issue and after that you can use the free roaming service of MTS blaze ultra in every state of India without any issue. Connectivity is quite good and you will see the quick time connectivity to MTS ultra blaze as compare to other device or wifi routers. So lets start with how to increase mts ultra wifi speed postpaid or prepaid or speed up mts datacard. Just follow this simple guide to make it done.

There are so many points on which you can give a try to MTS blaze dongal but first of all you should can the connectivity strength of MTS network at you locality or office or specific place where you will use that internet. It provides fast lighting internet speed to all connected devices. So without wasting time , we should start the full guide of how to speed up mts datacard speed postpaid or prepaid both. So just follow the guide and increase MTS internet speed. best idm alternatives of for mac. follow step by step process.

Steps to Speed Up or Increase MTS Ultra Datacard (postpaid/prepaid) | Speed up MTS Blaze Ultra Dongal :

If you will start searching on internet to fix internet speed issue , you will find so many links like a hell which provides you so many one step solution or single command solution but they are not working. But some guys are providing really very awesome ways to fix these kind of issues and i also faced this issue and i searched quite badly on internet and after some research and found a working solution to increase boost up mts blaze datacard dongal speed prepaid and prepaid. So we are providing two methods to Speed Up or Increase MTS Ultra Datacard (postpaid/prepaid) | Speed up MTS Blaze Ultra dongal.

Trick 1 : Use TCP/IP Optimizer To speed up boost up MTS blaze datacard speed(prepaid & postpaid):

first of all you need to download TCP/IP optimizer on your system(desktop/laptop). We are also providing the link to download TCP/IP optimizer. Click here.

Once the downloading process get completed, install that software and click on settings button.

Set the speed meter on 5 MBPS, 10 MBPS, 15 MBPS etc whatever your MTS datacard suppose to provide.

Once you have set the speed meter, now click on the optimal option and click on apply changes.

Once you have clicked on the optimal button , a new window will prompt on your screen.

How To Boost Increase MTS Blaze Ultra Wifi Speed Dongal/Dongal (Prepaid/ Postpaid)

Click on backup option and hit ok button.

How To Boost Increase MTS Blaze Ultra Wifi Speed Dongal/Dongal (Prepaid/ Postpaid)

Now restart your pc and check your internet speed.

Trick 2 Google DNS Server IP Address :

This is very common technique which you must have heard about it is to changing the dns server address. Sometimes, it provides good connectivity and good internet speed and remove cache error to some websites. So you can change the DNS to

Open DNS address : and

Google DNS address : and 

Note: Please check your internet speed before applying this trick using and after applying this trick. You will see the change in speed for sure.
We have provided the best way to increase boost up mts Blaze speed. Hope you like this post and dont forget to share it on facebook and other social networking sites for free. stay tuned to us for more information and other useful stuffs. comment below if you still facing any issues regarding dongal speed.