How to send iMessages from Android| Chat with an Iphone user for free

Are looking for something new for your android phone then you are at right place. As we all know that android operating system is open source and it provides us all authority to make its view and features like IOS. Here finally reveals an awesome trick to send imessage using your android smartphone. This sounds quite absurd, but yes it’s true. Here in this post we are going to provide you a complete guide to chat with an iphone user using imessage. Imessage as all of us know is a default application provided by apple in all it’s ios devices using which we can send free messges like whatsapp just by knowing the apple id of the receiver. We can also see if the message is delivered to the person and also if the message has been read by the person or not. Imessage works with the normal message app for iphone. When the colour of the text becomes blue, it’s an imessage and if the colour of the message is normal green, this means that you are sending the text messages and your carrier may charge you for this. Imessages can only be exchanged between iphone ipad and ipod users. But not now, we are going to give you a whole guide to receive imessages from iphone users and also send them imessages. So guyz, if you are not having an iphone due to some financial reason and sant to chat with your friends and relatives using iphone, then your problem is just solved.

You can chat with them using normal whatsapp from your android device but not also with the imessage app that you gonna use in your android operating system. So finally, here is the complete procedure to download the .ipa imessage app and to use it on your android os. Follow this trick step by step and make it done.

How to send iMessages from Android| Chat with an Iphone user for free
How to send iMessages from Android| Chat with an Iphone user for free

How to send imessages from android smartphones :

  1. Click this link to DOWNLOAD IMESSAGE APP
  2. This will be the APK format for your android.
  3. Now connect your android device to your laptop.
  4. Transfer this apk to your smartphone and install it.
  5. As the app installs, launch it.
  6. Thats all!!
  7. Enjoy using the app and enjoy chatting using imessages.

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